Designing with the adiabatic system

When choosing the Refrion adiabatic system most suitable for the specific installation needs, the following parameters need to be considered:

  • The estimated annual operating hours.
  • The potential relative humidity percentage increase, and consequently, the potential saturation percentage.
  • The maximum potential air temperature reduction. 

The choice also entails various consequences, in terms of initial investment, subsequent operating management costs, service life, energy savings and water consumption.

Designing with SELECTION TOOL

The Selection ToolRefrion’s new thermodynamic calculation software  will help guide you decide which adiabatic system best suits your needs.

The Selection Tool is the new thermodynamic calculation software designed and developed by our R&D department to help you design and select the most suitable products and systems for your needs.

The Selection Tool allows you to choose the perfect Refrion dry cooler or condenser for your every need, by calculating the same’s performance under the actual operating conditions.

By entering the necessary parameters into the programme, all the Refrion ventilated units most suited to the specific applications will be displayed.

The software makes extremely precise selections to even satisfy the most varied system requirements. Furthermore, the Selection Tool is integrated with all of Refrion’s latest innovations and greenest technologies, such as the adiabatic systems.