The adiabatic system is an eco-sustainable option that reduces the power consumed by your air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Water savings

The Refrion adiabatic systems are supported by waste-minimising green accessories. For example, the water recirculation system kit has been designed to minimise an adiabatic system’s water consumption. The water used to humidify the adiabatic air saturation-promoting panels is directed into the tank and redirected into the circuit via the recirculation pimp. The water consumption is thus limited to the quantity evaporated during the adiabatic process. 

It is a closed-circuit system.

Reduced noise emissions

The Industrial Adiabatic System and Spray Adiabatic Systems, combined with the use of EC (electronically commutated) fans, the “Intelliboard” PLC or a speed regulator, decreases the fans’ rotation speed and in turn, significantly reduces the sound levels.