There are many advantages to using an adiabatic system to cool the intake air of the exchanger applied to dry coolers and remote condensers: for example, the machine’s total dimensions are reduced, since the decrease in air temperature increases the delta between the inlet temperatures of the fluid to be cooled and the air, i.e. the cooling medium.

Furthermore, dry cooler applications have historically been suited to particular areas such as Northern Europe, where the temperatures are relatively cool, even in the summer. However, the introduction of adiabatic systems has resulted in dry coolers being suitable for even lower-latitude countries, where the temperatures can rise during the summer.

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The increase in relative humidity results in a cooler air temperature which consequently increases the heat exchanger’s efficiency. 

The dry-bulb temperature is lower than the starting temperature since the evaporating water removes heat.

In some cases, the Refrion adiabatic systems can achieve total air saturation.

The following versions of Refrion adiabatic systems are available:

  • Hybrid: the exchange surface is cooled by directly spraying water onto the heat exchanger.
  • Spray Adiabatic: the intake air is humidified by spraying water.
  • Industrial Adiabatic: the intake air is humidified by means of special cellulose adiabatic panels.
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Designing with the adiabatic system has never been so simple. How, you ask? 

With the Selection Tool, Refrion’s new thermodynamic calculation programme – implemented by the R&D team – whose accuracy and reliability has been proven by the numerous tests performed in the Refrion Climatic Chamber.

The Selection Tool allows you to choose the Refrion unit most suited to your system’s needs and the ideal adiabatic system for the actual working conditions. 

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The Refrion Group has become a major player in the industrial refrigeration and data centre cooling sectors, due to the introduction of adiabatic systems compatible with the company’s own dry coolers and remote condensers and the market launch of the Ecooler range. This adiabatic system-fitted Dry Cooler enables water savings of up to 95% – compared to conventional evaporative towers and a net reduction of energy consumption.

The adiabatic air saturation technology is an intelligent solution applied to Refrion’s Dry Coolers and Remote Condensers. The technology increases the relative humidity of the air passing through the heat exchanger, in order to decrease the temperature and in turn, increase the ventilated equipment’s capacity.

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